For Any Pooja Not Listed Please Contact The Temple Executive Committee, We will be Glad To Help in any Manner We can.

“The pooja fee is the Temples fee and does not include any dakshina for Panditji. The devotee should give dakshina as per our tradition to the Shastri. In deciding how much to give, as per our Shastras the devotee should bear in mind that the Shastri is not merely giving his labour, he is teaching and guiding us to ensure the pooja is performed correctly. He should be honoured appropriately and the dakshina should be given lovingly, attentively, generously and with humility. (Taitireeya Upanishad Book 1.11 verse 8).”

Annual Membership $100/Person

service inside temple Outside Temple
Abhishek $25 book now
Aksharabhyasa $51 $151 book now
Annaprasan $51 $151 book now
Anniversary Pooja $25 $151 book now
Archana $11 book now
Baby Shower $51 $151 book now
Birthday Pooja $25 book now
Car Pooja $25 book now
Engagement $101 $151 book now
Grih Pravesh/Vastu Pooja $151 book now
Grih Shanti/Havan $101 $151 book now
Kesh Mundan $51 $151 book now
Khat Mahurat/Groud Breaking $151 book now
Naam Karan $51 $151 book now
Satya Narayan Pooja $101 $125 book now
Shanti Vidhan/Kal-sarp $101 $151 book now
Sharaddh $51 $151 book now
Vidhan/Mul Nakshatra Vidhi $101 $151 book now
Wedding Ceremony $201 $351 book now
Wedding Grahshanti $101 $151 book now
Yagnopavit/Upnayan $151 $251 book now